visio 2016 connector with 2 labels - labels angle is to be same as connector

Started by mraky, June 30, 2016, 12:42:15 AM

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i would like to have connectors with label in way as it is here:

with difference, i want to have 2 labels. on begining, and on end.

i spent digging for solution, and i found only so far, howto do connector, who will have label on begining, and on end  in horizontal orientaion ( angle 0 about table :) )  but i want to have labels to be in middle of line as it is in link on begining...
so main objective is to find out how to have both labels (beginig,end) in proper orientation...

can somebody give me some hint ? ( my visio knowledge is somewhere between 0 and very beginner)

i am reading this after myself, and i have to admit, it is realy hard to understand.  in short i am asking for hint how to have similar as in link, but with 2 labels. all examples  i tryed so far did 2 labels on connector, but with 1 orientation



For 2 labels I think I saw in the past question.
Please Google in this forum.
Best Regards,

Junichi Yoda


thx alot for your reply. actualy, as i wrote, i already managed to have connector with 2 labels(again thanx to amaizing forums here)... what is my problem is, their orientation is horizontal.

what i am looking for is to have same as in link i pasted ( btw again from forum here. ts amaizing source of info). but i could not manage it.


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Hi Hynek,
Having multiple labels on one connector requires always (correct me if I'm wrong) the use of sub-shapes.
This said, it is now only a matter of applying Visguy's formulas to the subshapes instead of the label.
Use a control point for each label to position on the path and a add to each a second one getting the recalculate position along the path.
Add user field for each label for holding the angle.
The subshape can now be repositioned and oriented from these values.
Check the enclosed example. Note only one label is a subshape, I kept the original label to test how it works.



thank you alot for answers.  unfortunately this is at this moment beyond my capabilitis vith visio. i will take off time to eat, what was said.
again thank you alot.