Author Topic: Shape Report for all pages that specifies the sheet name for each shape  (Read 3901 times)

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I need an excel report that combs through all pages and displays all the Shape text (i figured this part out using the Shape Reports Functionality) along with the corresponding sheet name the shape is located on. Does anyone have suggestions, I've read about adding Shape Data but there are upwards of 100 sheets with numerous shapes so would need to automate the assignment of Shape Data if possible.


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Take a look at this post:;topicseen#msg30745

 The file is readily modifiable to loop thru all pages in a document, and to include the page name in the "report".

A similar file exists here, but doesn't push the results back into Visio:;topicseen#msg30734

Note, as setup, these only examine shape data as stored in the shapesheet.

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