Data refreshing not working

Started by glaffitte, July 06, 2016, 01:37:34 PM

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I have a visio file which I have referenced to the source excel file. Now when hit the Refresh All in the Data Tab, I don't see in the Org Chart the changes that I have done in the source file. Is there any step I am missing?



Sorry, can someone help pleasee??


What kind of refresh you expect?

OrgChart wizard does not support updates (it's "one-time" wizard).. Maybe you have set up the update as discussed here?


Thanks for the response!

So I have Visio 2010 professional and I've linked the data to a source file. I expected that after I do changes in my excel source and I click on Refresh all in the Data Ribbon, those changes will appear automatically in the Charts.

Am I missing any steps?



The orgchart wizard does not use the datarecordset engine, it is a closed add-in so data refresh will not work. It was written many years before those data features were added to Visio.