DoCmd( visCmdSendAsMail ) Doesn't Work vis Automation

Started by Visio Guy, February 16, 2009, 11:01:16 AM

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Visio Guy

The help file says that this should work via automation:

  Call Visio.Application.DoCmd(Visio.VisUICmds.visCmdSendAsMail) '= 1292

But I am getting the error:

  "Requested Operation Is Presently Disabled"

in Visio 2007 Professional.

Curiously, the very-similar call:

  Call Visio.Application.DoCmd(Visio.VisUICmds.visCmdSendToExchange) ' = 1589

works just fine!

Looks like a BUG to me!
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It would be interesting to understand how some of these work under the covers. The reason is that they may directly/indirectly designed to work with other system tools. The obvious ones are of course e-mail (outlook/outlook express/windows mail, depending on platform, xp/vista) and browser (things changed between i.e. 6 and i.e. 7 on what was going to be allowed). To add insult to injury the platform (x32 vs. x64) also plays a part in that the command may call an x32 executable that is not mirrored from an x64 one (telnet is a good example and why I moved to a standalone SSH module).