Find out informations of a connected (glued) shape

Started by bernd, June 05, 2016, 12:40:12 PM

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Hello all together..
another problem to solve :-) .. probably it is easy for you, but not for me  :-\

I have different rectangle shapes connected via connection shapes..
I "just" want to work with the connection shapes - but with some informations given in the rectangle shape connected to..

How can I find out within the shapesheet, what the connected rectangles shape (name) is?
In the section Glueinfo are different information.. i.e. BegTrigger and EndTrigger.. but how to seperate the shape-name?
Using stringhandles or something like that?

Perhaps someone could help me?
Thank you in advance for your support..

BR Bernd


Best Regards,

Junichi Yoda


See attached file.  It generates an Excel file (or modify code to get a List Box).

The code has a lot of comments, so hopefully, it'll be easy to follow.

You do NOT have to select a shape to run the macro.

Visio 2019 Pro


Hello folks,
thank you very much... unfortunately I didn´t mentionedth that I want to use the shapesheet, avoiding VBA.

Could it be so difficult to use the connection partners name of a 1-D shape (Begin) which is already given in the GLUE INFO?
(i.e. =_XFTRIGGER(Nutzer.4!EventXFMod) ---->  I need the string: Nutzer.4 
using a prop.value of the Nutzer.4 in the user-defined cells of my connection shape.

Sorry for forgotten that in the previous post.
Could you anyway help me?



I cannnot find out any Visio shapesheet  function that can get formula in a cell as a string.
If VBA, it is easy.

Option Explicit

Sub test()
    Dim shp As Visio.Shape
    Dim frm As String
    Dim subTxt As String
    Dim ShapeName As String
    Set shp = ActiveWindow.Selection(1) ' Connecotor must be selected.
    frm = shp.Cells("BegTrigger").FormulaU
    subTxt = Right(frm, Len(frm) - 11)
    ShapeName = Left(subTxt, Len(subTxt) - 12)
    Debug.Print ShapeName
End Sub

Best Regards,

Junichi Yoda


This article by David J Parker can help too
Quote from: David J Parker в статье Getting the Name of Glued Connection PointsA Visio developer asked me if it is possible to get the name of connection points that a connector is glued to in Visio. Well, it is not possible directly from the ShapeSheet, but is easy if you use a little code.