Editing a line shape

Started by bernd, June 02, 2016, 02:22:37 PM

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Dear all,
I try my first steps in Visio (2010) programming and need some support..
I declared some props behind a line mastershape. One prop is named "Funktionsart". Depending on the value behind this prop the style of the line should change..
The Code in the shapesheet.lineformat is:   
=IF(Prop.Funktionsart="Schädliche Funktion","4","1")
This works exaktly one time.. but not after changing the "Funktionsart" back to another value..

Perhaps it is simple? What is my mistake?

Thank you in advance for your support..
Kind regards, Bernd



for compare strings use STRSAME function
QuoteIF(strsame(Prop.Funktionsart,"Schädliche Funktion"),"4","1")


 :)  Works - Thank you very much !!