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Started by MulkNasty, May 28, 2016, 07:59:37 PM

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Hi all - I have a custom shape that represents a network encryption device.  I've included a few of the important settings in the shape data and created a nice little data graphic that appears to the right of the shape.  It takes more than a few clicks to construct this data graphic, and I'll use the graphic frequently enough that I'd like it to appear by default when I drag a new shape from the stencil.

Problem - the data graphic appears in the live preview icon within the stencil.  I can turn live preview off, which solves the stencil problem (well - kinda ... the icon gets all sorts of ugly), but the legend still displays the icon with data graphic, which is more of a problem since that will be in the published version of the diagram.  Is there any way to exclude the data graphic from the live preview icon?  Either that, or is there a simplified way (like a macro) to create the data graphic?