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Started by iand, April 27, 2016, 05:14:40 PM

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I've copied the process shape from the cross functional flowchart template & have edited the shape date so that when it's place on the flowchart a popup asks for basic info.

One of the fields is Process Name.

How do I get this displayed as the text within the process shape, i.e. the same field as if I'd clicked on the shape and started typing?



did you make that with Shapedata?
If yes you can go to the menu Insert and then to field. There you will get a window and you can click custom formula.
Now you can add the field with something like this: sheet.*xy*!prop.*yourprocessname*

so to get the sheet nr. you have to go to developer menu and click shape-name the field ID has the number to put in to sheet.xy!
lets say its nr. 56 so your formulae is sheet.56!prop.*yourprocessname*

by typing prop. you have to get a drop down with all your fields where you can choose the one you need. *yourprocessname*
Its also possible that you did it with user fields. then you just type: sheet.56!user.*yourprocessname*

Regards, Novski