adding together shape data values

Started by miless2111s, March 30, 2016, 05:05:29 PM

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I am attempting to add together the values in different shape data fields within the page's shape data field.  However I am obviously doing something wrong...

In the page's shape data field in the shape sheet (Prop.Row_1) I am attempting to call the same field from CheckBox125 with the formula:

It keeps saying that there is a problem with the formula....   What have I got wrong?

I tried this in another rectangle and it worked so is there something different about the page compared to a shape?





blast!  Thanks :)

Edited - nope - still didn't work :(  - tried: =checkbox.125!Props.Row_1



A page's shapesheet is kinda probably doesn't like the name Checkbox.125.

In V2007, select the Checkbox shape, then gto Format>Special.  You will see various ID's for the shape.  The 1st entry is the shape ID the page recognizes...might be "29" or whatever number.  Use that number, e.g., sheet.29!prop.row_1. 


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