Export Visio to Excel?

Started by lori, February 19, 2016, 05:15:53 PM

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Does anyone know if Visio process maps with swimlanes can be exported to Excel?

Thanks for any and all suggestions! 


I hope you have already found your answer.  If you have Visio Professional, you have access to all that functionality.  It works great, and you can also bring exported (and update/changed) data back from your Excel into Visio.  I assume you already discovered this.  Let me know if you want more information.


Can you please expand on your answer?

I am trying to:
1) create Cross functional flowchart from an Excel Sheet (that works)
2) adjust the layout of the flowchart manually if necessary (beauty purposes  8))
3.1) EITHER make modification on the flowchart, then export the data in Excel (i.e. the same type of data that were initially imported)
3.2) OR make modification in the Excel, then update the flowchart (e.g. to add new swimlanes; move shapes from one swimlane to another; update text, update type of shape, etc.)

Unfortunately, I can't make 3.1 or 3.2 work.

In 3.1, I found the option to export flowchart report (Review-->Shape reports --> Flowchart) but it doesn't export all necessary information (such as Process Step ID, Description, Next Step ID, Connector Label, Shape Type).

And in 3.2, it doesn't update/change for instance Swimlanes (for instance in the first table, I had Functions A, B, and C, and in the next one I replaced the swimlanes with C, D, E).

Any help would be much appreciated  :)