'Touch keyboard and Handwriting' Process Hangs Visio 2007

Started by kedas, February 18, 2016, 02:23:56 PM

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I have seen it on a Windows 10 with Visio 2007 installed (he had a touchscreen)
from what I read it would also be the case for Visio 2010.

Both processes get a high CPU usage, killing the 'Touch keyboard and Handwriting' Process makes Visio respond again.
Any other solution than to kill this feature/process?

From what I read it has something to do with protected text in visio it can't access, but not sure about that.
(I guess similar to this Bluetooth add-on from the past that made visio crash)

I tested with Visio 2013 and it didn't happen, Visio 2007 hangs, confirmed (on Surface pro 4).
Correction, I'm only sure that it happens with Windows 10, it was an updated windows 8.1 to 10.