Visio 2013 used with d-tools SI 2015

Started by aztodd, February 24, 2016, 05:34:34 PM

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I'm trying to build a template with Visio 2013 in d-tools SI 2015 that will allow me to design floor plans with a BOM listing included in the diagram page. d-tools allow me to drag products/items to the design page and place it on the diagram where I need it. When I drag over the product/item into the Visio diagram template, I'm trying to figure out how to have a BOM auto-generated and included on the diagram for the customer to see.  Right now a BOM can be generated, but its on a separate page. Can I build this into Visio so the Diagram and BOM are all on 1 page? Can I design something with Excel or something in VB to make this work? Any ideas, suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you!


Your question is difficult to answer as I don't know the tools your are using. (I do also doubt that anyone in the forum knows it - too special).

Anyway, I understand that you just want to avoid cutting the BOM from the 2nd page and inserting it in the first one.

Would it be an option to make page 2 the background of page 1? So any update of the BOM will be visible right away on the first page.
Page 2 being now a background page would not be printed, which is fine.

If any macro in your solution resets page 2 or creates it new at every refresh, you may consider writing a macro doing just this adjustment of front/background page.

Just a thought.



Thank you. I figured forum members use Visio with other Programs and hoped some members have used it with d-tools.

Nonetheless, I will try your suggestion as I hadn't thought about doing it that way.

Thanks for taking the time to answer.

I am new to both Visio and d-tools, so they are both an adventure for me right now :).

Thanks again,