Death to the Ribbon

Started by Trinity, April 25, 2016, 05:26:32 PM

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I feel the ribbon program was instituted for those who are more spatially oriented, and don't understand the capabilities of software at a conceptual level. And I've seen Mac people especially take to it. For them, ok, great.

For those of us who do understand things in groups, and who DO use hotkeys, the ribbon system is pure Hell. I haven't done a time study, but I'm certain it takes longer to navigate to a tab, find the object on the opposite side of a screen, then open a child window, etc etc as compared to a linear menu system that has all information on a single axis of interaction.

Similarly, I want to see "now known as Quick Access Toolbar" allow for more than one row of tools to appear on the screen. If I need to reorganize it all to make sense for my workflow, then give me the real estate to do so.



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One of the main reasons I've not updated since V2007.

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