Assigning Attributes to Tasks

Started by Dean, February 09, 2016, 08:16:09 AM

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Every task has certain attributes. Name, ID number, time taken to complete, RACI, document name required to complete the process, etc.

How would I add these attributes easily to a task in Visio?

Assume that the standard shape data has all the default labels that I want, i.e. those named above.

What I want to do is to click on an activity and update the activity attributes like an ID number.

Every time I want to do so, I have to right click on an activity and navigate the mouse to data->define shape data. This opens a dialogue, and then I input the ID number to the ID field.

This is ridiculously long. I want to click the task and for the "shape data" box (pinned to the side) to list all attributes and for me to directly input the ID  field.

What I noticed is the shape data window pane does not include all attributes, it only includes "Categories, Documentation, Loop type, Task type, Is for compensation and boundary type and I cant add stuff in there!!!