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Started by GISdude, February 08, 2016, 07:33:47 PM

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Does Vision2010 support customizable keyboard shortcuts? Some shortcuts that default are too long. I'd like to shorten them up. (Zoom whole page is ctrl+shift+w, I'd like to go shift+w or something.) It's really cumbersome trying to find info on ceating a shortcut - it seems MS is trying to remove that function?

Thanks for any help.


No, it's not the OS. Apparently you CAN'T customize the keyboard shortcuts by re-assigning the keys (like in 99% of other programs). You need to write some VBA code in order to do it, or place it on a newly created ribbon.



If you accept document base, a macro can set hot key Cnt+w for fit to window.
It is macro recorder in Visio VBA. Enter Cnt + small w in the first dialog to record your operation, and operate by selecting menu fit to window.
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