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Started by davidoff, February 04, 2009, 09:50:23 PM

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Dear All,
is there any way to unlock the Shape Protection for default shapes from standart stencils ?


Paul Herber

Best way I can think of is to create a handler for the ShapeAdded event, when the shape gets added to the page you can then change the shape protection.

The standard stencils are not editable, unless you copy them to a new location, then do any editing and move them back.

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Visio Guy

Merhaba davidoff,

Paul brings up a big question: Do you want to edit the standard stencils themselves, or just masters/shapes that have been dropped on a page?

For shapes, there are several things to look for. You probably know this, but just in case someone else is reading this, I'll go into more detail:

At the group level, you have the Protection.LockGroup cell, which prevents sub-shapes from being deleted (and drives shape developers crazy!)

For sub-shapes, there is Protection.LockDelete.

So you have to think about the group-level and the sub-shape level.

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