Shape Double-Tap not working as double click in touch screen pcs

Started by visio_sim, January 13, 2016, 10:57:23 PM

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I wonder if anyone could help me with this issue. I can't get the double tap to work as the double click in a touch screen PC.
I have an application that opens a window when you double click on a Visio shape.  In my application ,a Visio drawing control is embedded in a VB control.

The shape is configured using the following line.
shp.Cells("EventDblClick").FormulaU = "=RUNADDONWARGS(" & """QueueMarkerEvent""" & "," & """ /Action= MyIsDoubleClicked""" & ")"

This configuration triggers the event Private Sub myVisApp_MarkerEvent(ByVal app As Visio.IVApplication, ByVal SequenceNum As Long, ByVal contextString As String) with the contextString = "Action= MyIsDoubleClicked" and gives me enough information to open the right form.

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Which issue, w-tap or macro?
When w-tap simple rectangle, Visio enter into text edit mode?
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Junichi Yoda