Universal Callout: smart callout upgrade

Started by wapperdude, December 02, 2015, 07:18:31 PM

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This post is an upgrade to the original Smart Callout post:  http://visguy.com/vgforum/index.php?topic=1472.msg6242#msg6242  A new, composite shape is presented here.  It includes:
A.)  variety of shape styles:  rectangular/square, oval/circle, triangle/equilateral triangle
B.)  several text modes:  non-scaling, re-sizing, and scaling
C.)  smart right click, context menu.

Regarding (C), depending upon the option selected, the menu will either collapse or expand in size to display additional features.  The goal was to maintain a simple, uncluttered menu by eliminating "non-functional" options.  For example, if "High Contrast" text is chosen, then, there is no matching text to line color.

Regarding (B):  regardless of mode option, the shapeheight will always expand as needed and set the minimum height to keep text within the shape.  (1) non-scaling is the more "traditional" text entry mode.  The shapewidth will expand to accommodate text as entered.  (2) and (3) are text scaling options.  Textwidth is NOT impacted by text entry.  Rather, the text will adjust to remain within the shapewidth.  Adjusting the shapewidth will affect text scaling.  Mode (2) since character size is set by the shape, GUI control is non-effective.  Mode (3) does respond to GUI character sizing.  This mode is similar to Visio Guy's cloud shape http://visguy.com/vgforum/index.php?topic=6883.msg28743;topicseen#msg28743.  However, the algorithm is different with an overall different behavior...mainly, text wrapping.

I won't guarantee that it is "bug" free, but I did try to anticipate "normal" usage conditions, so, use at your own risk.

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