Need more text fields in my Milestone

Started by SubPlanner, November 30, 2015, 07:47:47 PM

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Is there a way to add extra fields into a typical milestone?
I have a basic timeline linked to excel data with a number of milestones attached.
Visio out of the box will just display the task name as the Milestone Description and the start date as a date.
What would it take to get an extra data added and maybe a note field from data within the linked excel workbook.
I attempted to get this data through the data graphics and it comes in but it is wiggy when trying to apply that data graphic to other milestones after applying some alternate formatting to it. I guess I could create a stencil from a data graphic that works for me and apply it to each milestone.

But I was hoping there was a way to just add the data to the milestone directly.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Submarines R us, SubPlanner...


I want to do something similar. I donĀ“t want to show any dates and have a title field and a description field as well that adjusts text lines to a specified width instead of just filling horizontally the whole page. So I hope someone answers as that info would be also helpful to me.


I Did find a way to do this.

In the shapesheet you can hide the "Out of the box" Milestone description" and "Date" elements.
Then create a Data Graphic that contains the elements that you need.
The elements that you would put inside the data graphic will need to be in the linked excel document.
I have done this and it works well for my needs.
I generally save the new items I create as a stencil so I can use them again.