Scaling stencil shapes

Started by John Distai, November 09, 2015, 09:29:50 PM

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John Distai


I'm looking at the UI design shapes that were part of Visio 2013 Professional.  The shapes are really nice since they tend to contain states that you can right click to change.  For example, a combo box can be enabled or disabled through a right click menu.  Very convenient.

With the move to mobile devices and larger pixel screens, I've had to change the scale of my drawings.  The old shapes no longer scale to the new world.  I'd like to scale these up so I can continue to use them.  They really are nice.

I've been selecting shapes, opening the groups, opening the Shapesheets, modifying the sizes, and re-saving them.  Many of the Shapesheet size attributes contain references to other sheets for size references.  How do I view what shapes compose a particular shape?

Is there an easier way to make stencil shapes larger without opening the group and editing all the Shapesheets?