Visio Compatability Pack stopped working

Started by Paul Herber, October 15, 2015, 09:56:38 AM

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Paul Herber

Hi all, I have the Visio Compatability Pack installed in my Visio 2010 Premium. It has been used quite sucessfully in the past to open Visio 2013 documents and stencils in the past. Today I tried to use it to open a Visio 2013 stencil and it no longer works. There is no mention of the Visio 2013 formats on the menus. I've tried repair and uninstall/install of the pack. Still doesn't work. Any ideas? Is anyone else seeing this?
I've just checked the MS website, the version is still the same, 15.0.4454.1509
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Hi, Paul !
At february 2014 i start use this Pack, but when i try it in march 2015, it dont works !!!
i too tried repair and uninstall/install of the pack. Russian speaking M$FT support stuff
recommend write to M$FT developers team, but i'm so lazy  ::)
I talk about it with Nikolay by Skype, at his PC this Pack still works.
He advice re-install Visio, but you know - i'm lazy!