Adjust shape-move increment of arrow keys?

Started by TimWA, January 24, 2009, 11:57:19 PM

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I'd like to use arrow keys more for fine positioning of shapes, but many times the move increment with them is too great and I'm back to the mouse to get something exactly where I want it. Is there a way to get smaller move increments using the arrow-keys?


Hold the shift key down while pressing the arrow buttons.  Also, when you rotate a shape or group, once you select the rotate control, if you drag the mouse away, the angular increments become smaller.
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in all office applications, you can make small movement for the objects, with  " shift+ arrow keys"

wapperdude is faster than all :) he answered quickly....

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and if I may be allowed to mention my utilities:
which has a shape nudge features, any shape or shapes can be moved by the distance and units you enter in the boxes. Then just click the arrows to nudge them.

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Fine angular increments too! Got it with the mouse drag out & rotate thing, how cool.
Sheeesh, I wish I had asked this question about a year ago. M-u-s-t  u-s-e  i-n-t-e-r-n-e-t  r-e-s-o-u-r-c-e-s  m-o-r-e. Thanks Wapperdude & Davidoff.
Thanks Paul, looking into Utilities now.