Auto-arrange shapes when linked data changes

Started by rlntel, August 28, 2015, 05:40:32 PM

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I have a SharePoint Visio Services diagram linked to a SharePoint list. The shapes on the diagram change size when a number in one of the SharePoint list columns changes.

When the diagram was first created, I placed the shapes on the diagram based on their size. However, when the numbers in the list columns change, the sizes of the shapes change and they overlap.

How can the diagram "auto-arrange" the shapes so they do not overlap?

Thanks in advance.


Note sure how V2010 works, as I only have V2007.  So...

I think if you right click the Page tab, you can choose Page Setup.  That should bring another menu, choose the Layout and Routing tab.  Hopefully, there is an option to select "Move other shapes away on drop."  Enable that feature.  That ought to do it.  If a shape changes size, the other shapes around it will move.

Don't know if Dynamic Grid has to be enabled or not.

Visio 2019 Pro


i have a 2010 version .... I placed 6 shapes on a page and overlapped them .....with mouse-> select all the shapes on the page then ->  on the Visio ribbon Home tab  select "Auto Align & Space"  the shapes were then migrated apart, and no overlap was noticeable.



Wapperdude and Cliff...thanks very much for your help.