Customizing Ribbon - Cannot add 'Align Center' to custom tab - bug?

Started by RogerC, July 12, 2015, 05:48:45 PM

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I'm creating a custom Ribbon tab so I'll have one-click access to my frequently used buttons.   

In the Arrange section of the standard Home tab, the Position drop down has 6 options for manually Aligning shapes:  Left, Center, Right, Top, Bottom, Middle.  However, when customizing a new Ribbon tab using the All Commands filter, only 5 of these options are available.  Center is not available when the list is unfiltered to show All Commands.  This seems like a bug to me.

Align Center is one of my most frequently used tools.  Does anyone know how I might get Align Center into my custom tab? 


Place your mouse on ribbon icon "Aline Center",
after about 1 sec a hint will appear.
Is it the right hint?
If right it may be a bug.
If not it may be an another ribbon that is not for text align.
Best Regards,

Junichi Yoda


Hi, for some reason it's listed as 'Center', rather than 'Align Center' as per the others.

Best regards


John Goldsmith - Visio MVP


Thank you for the suggestion, JuneTheSecond.  However, I was actually concerned with the Position shapes alignment, not text alignment.   


Thanks JohnGoldSmith!  That takes care of it... I appreciate your help.