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Process Engineering - Tag Components
« on: January 22, 2009, 06:59:00 PM »
I am drafting a P&ID for work and I have been applying the tag format I want for all the valves.  However, in some portions of the P&ID I have valves that are featured on more than one page.  For instance, I may need to display V-200-[Counter]6 on Sheet1 and Sheet3, because it impacts the processes on both sheets and I need to show it on both for clarification.  When I try to apply that format, it will display V-200-6 on one page and V-200-7 on the next.  I tried to use the re-number components and selected "Apply to Page" so it would only affect that page instead of the whole document, starting the counter "6" for only that page, but it didn't work.  Is there any way to duplicate the tag's counter without doing so manually?