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Started by Icculus0216, August 11, 2015, 04:47:02 PM

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Is there any way to have text pop-up on an object when the cursor moves over that object?  And, if so, is there anyway to transfer this function to another file type like word or a pdf?  When I share inter office visio files, all our pcs have visio, but if I try to share one of these files with a customer who does not have visio, I need to keep this pop-up function.


yes...though I forget the details...I think its available if you add actions to a shape

Hey Ken


   It's not very intuitive getting Visio to do hover text.  On the shape's ShapeSheet, insert a User-defined Cells section, create User.visEquivTitle (not very intuitive, as I said), set the value to "Comment" (no quotes), then put your hover text in the Comment field in the Miscellaneous section.  That'll do it.

   As for distributing Visio diagrams to non-Visio users, I always use html.  Everyone has a browser, and the hover text translates fairly well.  The only drawback is that the html can get fairly large.  I wrestled with this a few years back and came up with VBA code to convert Visio to html in a single step while removing any annoying behavior.  I still use that code all the time to distribute drawings.

   Hope this helps,

   - Ken
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