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Started by scantey, May 18, 2015, 09:44:32 PM

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In other CAD programs, there is a tool for marking up a drawing - to show adds and deletes, for example.  This is done with a closed polygon that has bubbly line borders, if you know what I mean.  It looks like a cloud.  If you want to indicate a deletion from the drawing, then the cloud should be filled with a "hatch" - like "//////".  The hatching should not be so dense that you can't see what is to be deleted.

Has anyone developed such a tool?  I hate having to PDF my drawing in order to use Acrobat to draw the clouds.


Have you tried the Blunt starburst or Sharp starburst shapes on the Callouts stencil?  These can be adapted to do what you want by changing the fill characteristics:
  1.) Format Fill:  to be 50 - 60% transparent, use a crosshatch fill.  Adjust colors as desired.
  2.) Format Shadow:  to have either no fill or 100% transparent
  3.) Use the corner rounding to make it less "bursty".

Visio 2019 Pro


Guess Scantey is looking for a modification cloud.
There could be some in the standard stencils, but it was faster the create a new one than to browse all the stencils.
I enclose a drawing showing the final result, as well as the intermediate steps it took to make the shape.