Can't Do Shape to Shape on some Shapes

Started by pyrodie18, March 12, 2015, 06:33:01 PM

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I've edited shapes.  Prior to me playing with them, they all allowed you to do a shape to shape connection (the red box when you drag a connector on the shape).  Now that I have played with them, I can still do it for some (so I know it's enabled in Visio), but not all of them.  Is there a setting or something within the shape itself that I should look at?  This is for Visio 2010.




What shapes? What kind of editing?

Visio 2019 Pro


Hi Pyrodie18

If you mean that you are not able to connect shapes using connectors, try adding connector points and then adding connectors via connector tool.
And if you mean that before when you used to mouse over shapes and click arrows that appear to auto-connect, then check if the "AutoConnect" & "Connection Points" options are enabled in:
View>AutoConnect check box & Connection Point check box.