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Started by davidoff, January 11, 2009, 07:27:23 PM

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I do wood working and other design projects around my house and for other people.  Visio is useful for creating visuals to explain my ideas to my "clients".  I am still using Visio 2007, but it is fine for my needs.  Glad to be part of the group :)

Paul Herber

Visio 2007 is quite, quite adequate. Some might say it was the best version.
Electronic and Electrical engineering, business and software stencils for Visio -



I am designing Electrical Diagrams. Any forum to help me about how to use MS Visio Electrical? I have installed MS Visio 2013 and I built a lot of stencil of electrical symbols. I tried by myself to draw some diagrams and using the connection point. some of them its come diagonal and I don't know how to fix it. Another thing, I wish to use the cable numbers and I wish to make a list of the numbers that I used and if possible the items in the circuit.

Thank you for this forum I hope someone can help me!! :-)


Hello everyone!
I am researcher in fire service of Russia. And one of my main work is a graphical system (AIGS GraFiS) for drawing firefighting actions diagrams. This system based on MS Visio and allow firefighters in great details describe firefighting actions. Also I managed YouTube channel Vigil IT-video dedicated to using of GRaFiS, Visio, Microsoft office software and development of different simple solutions for firefighters especially using VBA.
I'm working with different versions of Visio since 2010. But I still like Visio 2007.
Here some links (all resources in Russian language):
AIGS GraFiS official site:
AIGS GraFiS promo video:
Vigil IT-video:
And may be from the darkness something beautiful will rize

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hi there,
I'm Peter, living in Germany, working here and there as electrical construction or testing consultant.
Actually I discoverd that 50% of my documents are made with Visio  :o (the other half is Excel) - mainly technical overviews with lots of layers and mostly caused by lack of general documents.
Currently I try to discover shape-sheet-formulas (very nice feature!).
Personally I use Vectorworks for drawings like this 'cause of 3D-stuff or E3/e-Plan for electrical diagrams - but at work we haven't. Next week I get a Win10PC with Visio 2016(?) or (even worse) V365 and I'm a bit scared...
I love my 2010 version and I recommend this to my collegues with the words: if you want to do it precise - please use Visio.

I would add some graphics - but unfortunately the smallest is about 50MB... sorry...

I take the opprotunity to say thank you to all of the contributors of this forum. Great work!


Hello Guys,

I'm Mat, living in Belgium, working for an engineering company. We develop programs.

I'm using Visio (2019 or 365?) and find myself often in need for special features, so I started messing around with the shapesheet and all that stuff.
I did a few (broken) stencils to represent development code, but nothing too complicated (yet).
I discovered that it was actually a really powerful tool, and to get the most of it, signing up on this forum is probably a good first step.

Thank you to all the help already found on this forum.



Am Paul V from the netherlands.  am just started to experimate the possibilities of visio with P&ID. I believe am working with 365.
Came to this forum to ask a question. will do that shortly in another topic. cause I already searching for days for an solution.



Hi Paul,
I've been working for over a decade with Visio for drawing P&IDs.
The things I learned:

  • Visio is a one of a kind software, capable of magnificent things
  • The built in solutions are not worth exploring. You need to build your own one. My personal choice is a combo of Visio and Access. But the possibilities are endless.
  • Building an own solution is mainly a matter of formulating the needs, exploring the possible, then overtaking the tadious implementation
  • ... buying a specialised software would have been the better (professional) way, though I don't regret my journey.
Don't hesitate to ask, I'd be pleased to share my experience.
Rgds, Y.


Ulf Herold-Jensen, Bsc. E.
Work as a consultant within energy, waste water and fresh water industries, doing control and functional descriptions and the on/off PLC programming
Experienced Visio user - ever since Intellicad - but only seriuosly for the last year or so.
Use of Visio for documentation of logic diagrams and the off beat PI-diagram. (Anyone ith experience in this product: out there?)
Thanks for all the great knowledge and information on these sites


I had a look at the link you provided. I didn't know the product, but it looks quite capable.
It reminds me however of
Both are small solutions, based on Visio. x-visual seems to be more mature and have better tools.

my 2 cents,


Hi everyone,

I'm a Visio rookie from New York. This is my very first week using Visio. Does everyone remember what their first experience with Visio was like?  ;)

Anyway I've recently taken up a role in business transformation and I will primarily be using Visio to create process flow charts and organization structures. We normally get consultants to do most of this work for us but given the COVID-19 pandemic and everyone here under lockdown, I thought it was a good time to learn a new skillset.

I am very glad to have found this forum and will be posting questions seeking guidance!



Good Morning from Western Massachusetts! Doing a quick intro as that is always a good start! Ancient retiree here, I have used older versions of Visio from before it was acquired by MS. Currently running VISIO 10 on a PC that has a new Windows 10 install.  I will note that I'm primarily a Mac user and its my intention to set up one of my two iMacs with a dual boot so I can move Windows 10 and VISIO 10 over to that machine and get rid of the older Shuttle PC.   

I've used VISIO for odd things in the past including laying out floor plans, designing simple woodshop hobby projects, and other weird stuff.  I'm a muscle car enthusiast and right now I'm trying to design an aluminum fan shroud for my '69 Camaro.  I'm having an issue with grouping and ungrouping but I'll discuss that in a separate post.  My background is Industrial Design, and I spent most of my career in the Toy & Game business in the R & D and Market Research areas. Im no expert by any means, and I hope to learn from some of the experts on this Forum.

Being shuttered in here in MA, is not that bad, my wife keeps adding to the "Honey Do" list LOL, and Facetiming my kids and grandkids helps a lot. Its also giving me a chance to do some work on my car and mess with my computers. So thanks in advance for any/all help you folks might offer, and please stay safe and healthy in this terrible time our countries are going through.



Welcome aboard.

For your fan, wouldn't need more of a CAD program for that?  Unless you are considering getting "close" and using a hammer to make it fit, not sure Visio is your best option for that.  IMHO, I would not even use sketchup for that.   Adobe or solidworks is better for that kind of thing.   

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Hello Smartkid

The 1st feature I learned from visio is that the printouts for the shortcuts in your desk's phone at work are exactly as defined. With QuarkXpress it was the same but we hadn't. From this point I was a bit addicted...

imagine, what I know tomorrow ;)



Hello everyone,

I'm a production supervisor just outside of Boston, MA. I began using Visio just within the last couple weeks to make process maps. It's awesome that there's a big community here for this program. Thanks for having me.