Visio Users Introduce Yourselves!

Started by davidoff, January 11, 2009, 07:27:23 PM

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Hey, I am Sam.  I am new to Visio 2013 and want to install Visio 2013 viewer. 


Hi Everyone -

I use Visio as an aid in both program planning and scheduling. I'm currently working on a project to take an excel dump from primavera and use it to generate a more useful and quasi interactive scheduling tools for the leads of different stream.

I was born in the U.S.A. but I now live in Austria. Herr VisioGuy I habe auch im Stuttgart gewohnt.

I would like to find a comprehensive vision/vba guide. Any suggestions.




Hello all - James here, from Boston, U.S.; currently trying to make head/tail of a whole bunch of Visio diagrams being maintained by another team, and trying to come up with some novel ways to manage them better. Wish me luck :)



Newbie Sundog here, in Alien Country (Roswell NM). Looking forward to demystify knotty Visio problems (or even smooth ones) via this forum.

Costi Topor

Hi guys,

I'm a Hardware Consultant working for Oracle and I'm using Visio for creating hardware diagrams.

I'm a Visio User since 2010.


Rick Kachur

Hello To All,
  I am a new Visio user who works for Veteran Affairs.  My assignment is to take the inventory of a data center.  There are over 100 racks in the center with 25 more coming.  If i cannot find an archive, then I will ask questions.

Rick 'Kaveman' Kachur


Hello All,

Carlos from Cali. New to Visio. Using it for create and convert drawings at work.



Visio Guy

Hi TChris,

I'm a Seattle Seahawks fan, and I'd love to thank you folks in Badger country for Russell Wilson! :)
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Hello everybody,

I'm Jean-Marie from Paris, France (so excuse me in advance for my occasional deficient English...)
I'm using Visio Premium 2010 since one year, as part of my work (pharmaceutical industry) for technical drawing, reports and feasability studies.

I'm using this forum to help me in my technical progression in Visio and to learn tips for my personnal use.

Nice to meet all of you.



This is Dave from Hampshire I work from home as systems engineer for a small company in Germany and often need to make simple drawings with Visio 2003.
Other life is restoring old motorcycles from the 1970's

Paul Herber

Welcome Dave from Hampshire, <fx waves from north east Hampshire near Fleet>
Electronic and Electrical engineering, business and software stencils for Visio -


Total visio noob here just tasked with creating a network map for my company,  so you will all be seeing alot of my noobness displayed daily. Excuse typos, on galaxy tab


Howdy from Leeds, Yorkshire UK
Computer Operator on Secondment to use Visio - thrown in at the deep end and trying to learn fast :S


Gr├╝etzi! - from Switzerland
After asking enough Questions I finally introduce myself.

I'm Audio Technican. Planing and integrating Pro. Audio and Video Products to Broadcast applications.
Working with Visio and different other CAD programs since 2006. I found out that Visio is the most flexible tool on Market. And with some time-investment its possible to Automate great functions.

best regards,