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Started by davidoff, January 11, 2009, 07:27:23 PM

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I'm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, working as a Data Analyst and Database Admin for a large hospital.  I use visio for database schemas, web mapping, flow charts, interface design and mockups, fishbone diagrams, timelines, and anything else I can possibly use it for.

I've been using visio for many, many years, and have tried other options but always come back to it.  Once I get visio '10 I'm hoping to start back into integrating Excel / Access with Visio...

Anywho, I should get back to work - hope you are all having a great day and not working too hard :-)


Hi, I am an applications trainer (Microsoft Office programs mainly) based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 8). I have taught Visio 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010 but at a fairly basic level. 

I am now trying to take my Visio knowledge a bit further and hope to find this community a good source of answers to tricky questions I (or my students) might have :o. I will also let my Visio students know about this site so that they, too, can "share the knowledge".

I've already posted one question and got a very prompt and concise answer (thanks John). I'll try to do my best to answer other's questions if I can. :D


Hi all,
   I'm a lean technician working for a manufacturing plant in North Carolina.  I'm a brand new user to Visio and am using it for Value Stream maps of our various processes.  So far I am loving the program and it seems to keep getting better as I learn more about it.
   I apologize in advance for the stupid questions I'm bound to ask and am thankful for any help that is thrown my way.


Hello everyone,

I've been diagramming on the computer for about 25 years.  I started using Visio in 2003 and am very familiar with 2002, 2003, and 2007.  We use Visio primarily for flow charts and diagramming highway.

Thomas Winkel

Hi everybody,

my name is Thomas, and I live in Paderborn, Germany.
We use Visio in our company to document electrical cabinets (HIL simulators).
But the main documentation and manufacturing instruction is a handwritten Excel sheet (horrible!).
First I started to create some generic and some company specific electrical stencils to document our work more efficient and consistent.
Last year I discovered the data connection feature, and since two weeks I dabble in VBA programming.
Now the main engineering platform is Visio and everything else is generated from there.
I'm really impressed, what is possible in Visio with such little effort.
But even though it works fine for me, at present it is more a concept than a suitable tool for the whole department.
So there are still lot of things to do.
I guess that my code and especially the design are not optimal, as I started with zero knowledge.
At the moment everything is stored in the template, which is a problem in terms of maintenance as documents are increasing.
Also I would like to integrate the interface seamless into Visio to achieve a smooth workflow.
And then of course there are lot of ideas to implement.
But before I go too far in the wrong direction, I want to investigate how such a complex project should be designed in Visio, what is possible and what is not.

Best regards,


Hi, I'm Tomas from Sweden.

I work as a safety of machinery engineer an technical writer consultant. I've used Visio to and from through the years at work but do not currently use it at work but at home for documenting my house renovation. Floor plans, detail drawings, electrical installations etc. My company (large Finnish-Swedish consultancy firm) has this deal with MS allowing us employees to buy Office cheaply, so I bought it. Visio 2010 that is.

I find Visio a great tool for non-perspective illustrations such as the above.



Visio Guy

I need to visit this thread more often, I find it interesting and fascinating. Thanks all for sharing your stories and introducing yourselves.

In case I haven't written this somewhere else, the Visio Guy's name is Chris Roth. I'm from Seattle, but live in Munich, Germany.

I worked at Visio Corp. before the 1.0 product launched, and somehow have not been able to get away from it in all this time. I love helping customers produce the myriad different diagrams that they need to make their jobs easier. I spend most of my time helping them remove the drudgery by providing code and tools to automate the hard and boring parts of diagramming.
For articles, tips and free content, see the Visio Guy Website at
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Hi all,

after asking around several questions about Visio development now it is the time to introduce myself.

I am a currently 27-years old software developer from Hannover, Germany. I work in a small team developing an business process modelling software. I am very new to my current role which is to integrate Visio as a graphics engine in order to draw and show business processes.

Visio seems to be a great piece of software but is also very complex.


Network engineer living in Canada
I use Visio every day and I am lookingfor new ways to make smarter diagrams and automate network related tasks in Visio


My name is Nikolay Belykh, now live in Vienna, Austria

For the last 6 years I've been working for the GmbH (small Austrian company) as a software developer.
We develop business process modeling suite based on Microsoft Visio, also reference models for Dynamics AX, Navision, COBiT, etc
We are M$ Visio "partner of the year" 2012! Still not sure if it is because we are good or because all other candidates have already been "partner of the year" at least once  :)

Developed for Visio before it was acquired by Microsoft.
Last year started a Visio site and Visio blog, however due to personal issues (no,  no laziness involved!) the site got a little bit abandoned..
Hope to fix this soon :)


Been programing in VBA for years (mainly excel) and recently found Visio can be much more than a layout/drawing tool.

Network Engineer/Architect by Trade, documentation genius by birth. Anyways.. hello all!


Hello everyone,

My name is Alexander. I am from Moscow-city, Russia. i work in telecom company.
I started using Visio Technical 4 in 1998.
My portfolio

Chris F


I'm in the UK and have used Visio on and off for a number of years for producing flow charts and floor plans etc. for work, new bathroom layout (plan and wall elevations) for myself and the drawings for a house extension for my sister. The latter came about when she asked me to produce drawings after moving house and I had "retired" my drawing board having been an architectural technician/building surveyor/project manager etc. and didn't fancy setting it back up/using it again. I was recovering from a minor operation at the time and thought why not have a go in Visio - I wanted to do it in CAD but our IT dept. wouldn't let me have it.  :(

Whilst Visio isn't designed for this; fine for the plans, but not really for the elevations and sections etc. I have to say I was very pleased with the results, that matched the quality of CAD, but it was a good job I wasn't been paid for it because it took me twice as long as it would have done on the drawing board (!)  :) due to windows etc. having to be drawn from scratch.

Reason for joining the forum is that I have a specific problem I'm looking for help with (which I'll post elsewhere) but having joined I'm certain to be coming here again for the interaction and tips from other forum members.


Hello!  I've referenced this site for years.  Thanks for the tremendous volume of tips/insights/best practices.

I'm a workflow analyst for a hospital system now, having done process improvement and workflow analysis for many years at other firms.  I'm working at least a few hours per day in Visio 2010, mapping out hospital and patient care processes.  Good times!

I'll post my questions elsewhere... thanks again for this great forum.