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Started by davidoff, January 11, 2009, 07:27:23 PM

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Visio Guy

Oddly, I actually have three heads as a direct result of using Visio for so long!  :)
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My name is David. I am from Darlington, SC in the US.

I have been using Visio for about a year with my job. So far this site has been pretty helpful. Thanks.



I am a software developer and use Visio for interface prototyping and data flow modeling.

My first used version of tool was Visio v4.0 (from Visio Corporation, before product acquired by MS). I was install them from 4 3.5'' floppy disks. Next MS version was bloated to full CD  :)


Hello All,
Been using Visio for a couple of years for managing our lab environment layout. But now realizing how with SharePoint and SCOM I might be able to open a huge door of opportunity for space management and awareness.


Hi All,

Gareth, English but living in Melbourne Australia.

New to Visio but loving the tool and the capabilities while trying to work through some of the frustrations with my diagrams jumping all over the place.  I'm sure I'll figure out why thats happening with a bit more experience/coaching.

Thanks in advance for any responses to my questions.  My fisrt is here:


Hello!  Im a new visio user.   Love it but need some help from time to time.. 


Hello. I do low voltage work out of south florida. Everything but alarms pretty much. Have been using Visio pro '13 for a few years now. Primarily for marking up floor plans ect.


Hi All

I'm a robotics and systems engineer with the University of Oxford (UK), formerly an electronics designer (so used to PCB CAD etc) but new to Visio so struggling to get my head around learning it!


Hi everyone,

I am a construction manager in the UK undertaking some professional exams at the moment.

I am attracted to Visio because my role involves a lot of complex business/contractual structures, and this is something Vision is good at visually clarifying.




I am from Northeast Ohio and work for a manufacturing company. I am the Process Coordinator and have only been in the position for a little over a month. I started using Visio 2010 right away and due to no one at my company being able to help me out (only Visio pro mainly works from home and it's difficult to ask all of my little and big questions via email), I have been using this forum and the Visio Guy site a bunch! I mainly use Visio for creating different types of process maps and value stream maps.

Glad there is a community of people here!


Hi everyone!

I am from the Birthplace of the USA, the City of Brotherly Love, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I have been using Visio off and on for 10 years now, in between using Business Process Management (BPM) diagramming tools.  I work as a consultant and my career has me working in a variety of industries.  I mostly use Visio for cross-functional business process mapping and Business Process Architecture, focusing on business process improvements.  I have earned my grey hairs using Visio. 

I'm excited to find so many fabulous answers posted on this forum.  I was a power user of Visio 2003 and Visio 2010, yet am having a very difficult time with Visio 2013. 


Welcome aboard!!

Yes 2013 is a step back from 2003


Hello From BC Canada!

I work for a company doing Building Controls.  We use excel and visio extensively for engineering and drawing packages.  So it's always nice to sharpen the tools with macros or other useful tricks the software has hiding under the hood.

Been using Visio 2010 for about 3 years.  we recently updated to 2016.   More stable but some growing pains there.  At the 3 year mark i feel like i'm only really starting to understand how much Visio has to offer.


Hello all. KB here checking in for the first time. Have been lurking on and off for about a year now and see how powerfull this Visio can be (with others  :o ) So I registered. I've seem to have gotten myself into a little deep at work. I was goofing around in my spare time using this software (that I had never heard of before). So I made a floor plan of our data center with 80+ racks and environmentals. I got snitched on and my boss got word of it and liked it. Now I've been tasked of creating Visio/Excel merged diagram? The Visio will have the rack locations in the data center and the Excel sheet will have the server locations within the racks. So here I am trying to gather some VisioMS smarts. I have no MS Visio,Excel and minimal Word smarts.  So please bare with me.


Hi everybody! My name is Tommi and I'm from dark and cold Finland. I've been using Visio for about three months actively. I'm an ICT architect and I create a lots of network diagrams with visio.

At the moment I'm working with Visio 2016 and liking it very much!