Visio Users Introduce Yourselves!

Started by davidoff, January 11, 2009, 07:27:23 PM

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I'm didijaba, from Zagreb, Croatia. I'm big fan of Excel and Vba, and I have discovered Visio and it is my new passion :). Cheers


Aloha from Serbia.
I'm SysAdmin in one large public company and I have poor knowledge of this excellent piece of software. :)


G'day G'day.. another Visio fan from downunder...   8)
Mech engineer found Visio 4 years ago, use for inspection plans, report drawings and now for home use building plans for renovations.



Been using visio for couple of years for building automation.  worked for a company that had a "VBA guy" and he automated a lot repetitive tasks with VBA.  At a new company with no "VBA guy" >:( and drowning in the muck. 

Is there a best way to get into the meat and potatoes of Visio?  Attaching VBA code to stencils, importing a spreadsheet.

Paul Herber

Coming here to the Visio Guy forum is the best way to find out more about Visio. Just browse and read, read, read. And ask.
Electronic and Electrical engineering, business and software stencils for Visio -


is the some guide to get started with VBA in visio?  The code VBE is not like Excel, found a simple piece of code here about zooming out (page width) on all the pages in within a Visio document.  How does one make a VBA stencil and how do you execute it?


Am I really the first person to reply to this sence 2009?  Well, I just joined today.  I have used Visio for nearly 15 years.  I work for a large engineering company and have become know as the Visio king.  I am always looking for a new trick in Visio. 


Opps made a first post before i saw this. What can i say except i know about as much about Visio as an Ant does about nuclear physics, in fact an ant may well know more that i do about Visio.


Hi Everyone,

I'm new to Visio but for a non-profit organization having to do a deep dive helping them to develop some custom diagrams they need. Visio certainly has its peculiarities but I am already in love with how much I can do with it, so its great there is a forum like this to learn about all those little but o so critical Visio details :).

Looking forward to being here regularly and learning a lot about Visio!



Hi, I am Mark.  I have been involved with Air Craft Carriers and Submarines for over 30 years.
I have used Access and Excel until my fingers bleed. Over the years I was involved with having to keep timelines updated by using Power Point. Kinda like drawing on your screen with crayons. Very time consuming. Visio (2010) Pro changed my life. Now I have  a multi leveled architecture structure using the combination of Artemis 9000 ex, Access, Excel and Visio to create a much needed automation to the timeline functionality.


I'm a Sr. Technical Writer / Technical Designer - USA

I specialize in Infrastructure Diagrams

I've been working with Visio for years (Since 2003)

I try to design unique diagrams... I hate when people use this wonderful tool and design diagrams in the 1980's format...

I'm learning something new each day... I have yet to conquer the ability to turn lines into Wires... on a flat surface, but I will. 

I hate the Visio 2013... and MS Office 2013... Too Cartoonish for me...


Nice Intro. I agree so much with your statement about V2013 and the 1980 style.


Hi there, just like to say hello to everyone. I'm Jon and i work in IT in the great city of Bristol, UK, and have been using Visio for around 7 years, although only the superficial functions to document comms room layouts, comms cabinet layouts and my voice network. Love Visio but sometimes need a little help on the next step up, as I'm sure I could do way more with Visio.  Love that there are great free repositories for stencils, I have found everything I ever needed and more so far.

Wish I had found this great site and resources before.



Afternoon all. Thought I'd introduce myself as a new "Old-Timer" with Visio. Just gone back to Architecture from Management and having to get back into Visio. Haven't used it since 2000 and have just installed 2016 Pro. Crikey, what a difference  8)
Anyway, more reading to do but already found some really useful tutorials on here. Most seem to be for 2010 though but I'm making sense of it.
I probably won't be posting much initially as I think there's months of learning to happen first but I know what I need to achieve, just a case of figuring it all out now.
Cheers. Dom.