Opening Visio2013 (VSD!!) in Visio2010

Started by DirkJan, January 05, 2015, 12:00:26 PM

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This problem has been bugging me for quite a while: At home (Visio2013) I save a drawing as a VSD file and than copy/paste into a Word document. At work we still use Visio2010, but that shouldn't be a problem as I did save the drawing as a VSD file. Right click on the drawing in the Word document and instead of getting the possibillity to open of edit the 'Visio drawing' it just mentions a 'object' (???).
It's driving me up the flipping wall!. Everytime I have to remake the drawing with Visio2010...
Am I missing something? >:(


FWIW:   Word 2010 has problems with images/drawings/visio object/etc....definitely a step back from word 2003


Thanks for responding. Do you happen to know whether there is a work around for this bug? The only other option would be for me to stop working from home and travel every day to the office (250 km round trip)


My guess is the bug is with V2013.

If I understand what you're saying, at work, you've been able to paste a V2010 drawing into Word10  without any problems.  I've been able to paste a V2007 drawing into W10 and no problems. 

  1.) Did you try Paste Special at home with the VSD drawing, rather than just paste?
  2.) You could paste the V13 drawing into Word, do the rest of your Word editing, then, at work, open the VSD file made at home with V10, then do copy/replace in Word.  Note, you might have to do a save from V10, incase there are some lingering V13 artifacts.

Those are the only things that you might try that I can think of.  Other options:
  1.) See if you can down-grade your V13 at home to V10.
  2.) Move closer to work.

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Thanks! Will try and let you know. It's still odd that a V2013 drawing saved as VSD in a WORD document can not be opened with V2010. VSD should be VSD....shouldn't it. Oh well, maybe it's just another Murphy for Microsoft to fix......if they're so inclined.
Moving closer to work? No way. I think that would mean an uphill battle at home!


...just thought of one other alternative.  Would your company consider setting up a VPN connection?  It would allow you to work directly on your work computer.  Virtually no cost investment if I remember correctly.  There can be some "lag" issues due to connection bandwidth limitations.
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Just curious what type of visio object you're pasting into the word document. The question is really about whether there is an add-in involved that may have compatibility between 2010 and 2013.


This might be a dumb suggestion but can Word save in vdx format?


Regarding the object: it's simply a diagram (V2013) which I first save as a VSD to my desktop, than copy/paste into a word document (W2007), mail to my office, there I open the word document with W2010, go the the diagram, right click...........and.....'unknown object'.
Thanks anyway you guys. This forum has been a very positive experience. I'm sure to back one day. Cheerio from the Netherlands!