Formula Error: Basic Flowchart shapes on different pages

Started by wapperdude, January 07, 2009, 08:49:30 PM

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If you try to slave a flowchart shape on one page to another shape on a different page, you will probably get a formula error.

For example, on page 1 place a Process shape from the Basic Flowchart stencil.  This will probably be shape known as Process, possibly, Process.1.  Now place another shape on page 2, for example, another process shape.  Assume, you want the width of 2nd shape to track width of 1st shape.  So, in the shapesheet, width cell, you enter:  Pages[Page-1]!Process!Width.  Error!  Try Process.1!  Error.  So, looking at menu bar > Formula > Special, you see that the ID of the shape is, indeed "1".  Now, try, Sheet.1! ==> Pages[Page-1]!Sheet.1!Width. Success!  But, notice, the formula magically changed to Pages[Page-1]!Process.1!Width.   OK.  Now, try a copy/paste of the formula into the Height cell (perfectly legal).  Error!  You must re-type, using Sheet.1!.

Now, before everyone jumps on me, saying, well, Duh!, of course you need "Sheet.1!" not "Process.1!" or even just simply "Process", go back to the 1st page and place another shape.  In this shape's shape sheet, width cell, type "Process!Width"  -- no quotes.  Viola!  Perfectly acceptable.

Sorry the lengthy explanation, but, from one page to the next, the Basic Flowchart shapes seem to have a bug that forces you to know the original shape ID as a "sheet", and doesn't allow you to copy/paste into subsequent cells when referring to a shape on a different page.  This is not normal behavior, say, for a shape you create using rectangle tool.

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Thanks for all of them!!!
i havent faced this problem but i will keep in mind.