Shape data appears on mouse over in web published drawings

Started by wipro_jst, December 24, 2014, 03:19:16 PM

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I've been trying to find an answer to the question about a feature that used to exist in Visio, in which you could have a shapes data fields appear in web HTML drawings when ever you moused over the shape.  This is extremely useful when populating network objects with information like IP addresses, subnets, interface names etc..  It may have been a feature of Professional, but I can find no information that suggests that.

On this site and other sites, the suggestions, direction I have found so far only show how to get the mouse over feature to work on the shape text using the Comments field in the Misc section of the shape sheet.  This is not what I am referring to and this is not a useful alternative as it lacks the formatted view of the shape data fields.

My recollection is that this used to work by default - but its been a long time since I used the feature.  I'm using Visio 2010 Standard.

Any input on this is welcome.