How to split a connector?

Started by SidRoy, January 07, 2009, 03:19:30 PM

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In my diagram i need to split connectors. How do i do this? So far i have done 'Enable Connector Splitting' through Tools -> Options -> General, and understand that this would allow a connector to be splittable. Now how do i actually split a connector? Can anyone please help me with the exact steps?

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Connector splitting involves two setup steps:  1.)  Page Setup > Layout & Routing > Enable connector splitting, and 2.) shape > rt click menu > format > behavior > Shape can split connectors.

This allows you to take the shape and drag/drop it on an exist connector between two other shapes and "split" the connector such that the new shape is inserted between the two existing shapes. 

For example:  shapeA <-----------------> shapeB. 

Now drag shapeC onto the connector, results in:    shapeA <------> shapeC <--------> shapeB. 

Hence the connector was "split".  Note, in the above example, it assumes that there are connection points on the shapes, which I believe is "static" connections.  If not, you might get a variation like this:   

shapeA <----------> shapeB
                  ------> shapeC 

I think this is a result from "dynamic" connections.  Hopefully, I didn't abuse the definitions too much.   :P

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I suspect that what you want to do is only available when you manually drop a shape on the page (and as per wapperdude's description), the scissor image appears and the shape gets inserted into the flow by converting one connector into two.
I think you are wanting to do this within a program. Is this correct?
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