Author Topic: Before Visio 2015/2016 is released - Nested "List" Diagram Structure  (Read 8986 times)

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Dear Visio Development team,

Thanks for developing Visio and thanks for adding Structured Diagram (Containers, Lists, and Callouts) capability in Visio since 2010. I find the Structured Diagram feature as very powerful tool that I almost always use them in my projects. The resultant diagrams are always clean and very intuitive even when used by not so experienced Visio users.

I would really really like to see one enhancement in the "List" Structured Diagram: The ability to "nest" List shapes inside each other. Currently this is possible for Containers only but List Shapes are quite unique and amazing in that it allows reordering of member shapes in seamless manner. So please extend the List shape and add the nesting capability to "List" shapes in the next Visio release.

I hope Mark Nelson or other Visio development team will read this post before it is too late!

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