2013 - Can I assign/change master to an existing shape?

Started by gabriel.mi, November 14, 2014, 03:20:40 PM

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I have a shape created from a master shape. Can I assign another master to that shape?

Let's say I have 40 shapes based on Master1, I need to resize 20 of them. It would be nice if I could just select them, assign Master2 to them and they should match whatever size Master2 has.

Anyways, I can't find a way to assign another master to a shape, nor a fast way to modify half the shapes on my sheet.

Any help would be more than welcome.


That's an interesting request.

1) you could use Paul Herber's tools to replace shapes by a newly created one.
2) you could assign a layer to a group of shapes, select them by their layer, then change one of the numerous properties for all the shapes in the selection at once.


since it is v2013 why not select the individual shapes, and from the home tab (v2013) select change shapes.


Excellent ideas! Thank you!

I believe with the "change shape" option I will be able to assign a new master to whatever shapes I want. Let's say if I want to modify 20 of them, I will just assign a new master shape to them with the "change shape" option. I can modify the new master afterwards and update the changes. Exactly what I want.

Sometimes one just doesn't see what's in front of him.

I will have to take a look at Paul Herber's tools, also, as they seem to be pretty useful.

Thanks, guys.


Ok, everything seems to be working fine (assign a new master part), except that when I update/modify the master shape, the changes do not propagate to the child shapes.

Using M1 as master and have C1, C2 as child shapes placed on a sheet; if I change the shape of M1 (make it longer), the change does not propagate to C1, C2 shapes, unless I do another "change shape".

Is there a way to automatically propagate the change from the master to the child? I see the window asking me if I want to update the shape (after editing a master), I press yes, and nothing... it just saves the master.