Area select without dragging background

Started by YossiD, January 06, 2009, 06:34:58 AM

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Using the Lasso tool is pretty good for selecting items... but still doesn't get you what you need.


I suppose the CTLR+clk...clk...clk does not address your need?


I think the problem is not doing CTLR+clk...clk...clk, but to do it over and over again.

In Jupyterlab I help myself by defining lists of shapes.

myRedShapes = list(vWin.Selection)
myBlueShapes ...

and reusing them - eg:
[vWin.Select(shp,visSelect) for shp in myRedShapes]


for shp in myBlueShapes:
  shp.Cells(xyz).Formula = 123

so far for the unuseful REPL functionality of Jupyterlab ( ;) ).

For VBA I thought about writing a modeless form with a list holding lists of shapes.
There would be a "save selection as..." button, probably also a delete and a re-define one.
Selecting an item in the list would select the according shapes.
The list items would be stored in the shapesheet of the doc or the page.

There would be also a possibility to have dynamic lists - that is where you define a condition instead of having a fixed list.

The selection routine will need to cover the case when shapes are deleted and update the item accordingly.

... unfortunately I have it already in Jupyterlab, so my motivation to write it in VBA is not the highest.
--> could be something for Paul's tool collection

Continuation here:


... by the way, there's one option which has been named already but not described in the depth it deserves.

Put the background shapes on a "background" layer, then depending upon the situation lock or unlock it. That's 3 mouse clicks away.


I just dragged the background shape out of the way temporarily and then moved it back. Only reason I needed to do this was to group a million little shapes together and create one object. I like the background layer idea though so I'll try that next time.


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