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Started by klauserlinger, November 04, 2014, 01:04:46 PM

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Ist ist possible to define "rules" for the automatic connector in Visio, i.e. not to allow to connect two shapes of the same type after each other?

Right now the behaviour is like this:
- If I just click the blue arrow on one of the four sides of a shape, the automatic connector adds the shape currently selected in my stencil, adds it to the page and makes a connector from the current shape to the new one
- If I hover over the blue arrow on one of the four sides of a shape, a undefined (I guess) set of shapes from my stencil is shown and I can click on the one I want to add to the page and make a connection to the current shape

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit
Visio: Microsoft Visio Professional 2010 32bit (14.0.7128.5000)


Hallo Klaus,
If you weren't using automated connecting tools, but specific connectors out of a stencil, then yes, it should be possible to define rules for the behaviour if the connectors.
But as you are using the new "gimmiks", there are no big possibilities to tweek the connectors.