Copy paste resulting in extra shape data field?

Started by syedmk, August 29, 2014, 09:11:17 AM

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Hi there,

I'm new here.. my first Visio forum.

I just recently started using Visio 2010 after 2 years using 2003 version. I wish I'm using the 2013 version but my company only has 2010 version at the moment.

Here comes the issue, everything opens fine the .vsd file, it's an org chart file. When I copy paste a shape to duplicate and change info for a new staff, I noticed that in the shape data there is an additional field called Calendar. I tried googling so much finding ways to edit master shape etc etc just to find and get rid of this additional shape data field but to no avail.

I do not really know what to do now to ensure that when I copy paste a shape it doesn't produce any additional shape data field. Sure, I can delete it off every shape but would like to know the root cause of this.

I don't really know Visio that much, just use it to update org chart, so any help on this matter is truly appreciated.


Paul Herber

Can you post an example diagram? Take the diagram you have and delete all except one shape we can duplicate.
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Oh dear.. so sorry for the late reply! Didn't get any notification about it and I forgotten I posted.. :shy:

thx for the reply and herewith I attach a sample file which I hope can be replicated from your side..

if you check the property of that 1 shape, it is completely fine with no additional field.. but once you copy paste the same shape, all of a sudden there is extra field "Calendar"

I'm really confused what to do in order to stop this from happening..

thanks in advance!

*oh.. now I know I have to check the notify me of replies box, hehe

Paul Herber

I see the problem. If the shape is copied into a new blank Org Chart diagram then the problem does not occur. I can't see what is causing it and I don't have time to look any deeper at the moment.
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