Articulating Shapes help!

Started by RobMob43, August 28, 2014, 05:29:14 PM

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new to visio and still learning. Under the "Vehicles (US unit) shapes" they have three vehicles with Articulating shapes, "The Articulated Metro Bus", "Large Semitrailer", and "Small Simitrailer"

Does anyone have a step by step or video on how to make Articulated Shapes? They don't need to animate or anything. I just need to adjust the shapes as we move them around our warehouse floor plan

Paul Herber

Those shapes are groups, with several shapes making up the layout of the whole shape. The group contains a control handle, this is used to control the angle of one of the shapes.
Enable developer mode in Visio, drop the shape onto a page and explore using the DRawing Explorer window.
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