Visio 2010 professional - walls, doors and addin not working

Started by larryg, August 04, 2014, 08:36:01 PM

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Not sure when it happened or what might have caused it, but all of a sudden my walls don't clean up, my doors don't insert and no of the add-ins such as area/shape or array work - nothing happens.  Tried a repair, then tried an uninstall/reinstall - no luck.  Desperate for help, anyone have any further thoughts/suggestions?


Hi Larry ...

Couple of things...
   1. Did you recently add any new add-ons?
   2. Is it all drawings (old and new) that show the problem, or just new ones?
   3. Can you upload a sample file?

Oh, please don't double post.  It's unnecessary and just adds to the clutter.  I removed the 2nd post.

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