changing glue point for shape connectors, help

Started by oompa_l, May 12, 2008, 08:34:15 PM

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I am connecting shapes together which are composed of two concentric circles, and I would like to show the connector linked to the central one and not cut off by the outer one, which is larger. I like the current behaviour - ultimately the connectors are attached to a common centre - but for the purposes of my diagram I need the line to go all the way to the inner one. I have fiddled around with the glue settings but I cant seem to find the appropriate


ps the attached image shows a condition where most of the connectors are behaving the way I am speaking of, and the one on the right is how I want them ALL to behaving...


Did you try adding a connection point to the center of you shape?
The connection line button is a drop down menu that allows you to add a connection point. The lines you connect to it will run all the way down to it, even if its in the middle of your shape. not that to place one you need to select you shape, hold ctrl and click the where you want the connection point (the center). After adding it you can also find the connection point in your shape sheet (can also add it there by adding a section and selecting connection point). If you tell the shape sheet the connection point needs to be @ Width*0,5 and Height*0.5 it should always be in the center of you shape no matter how you resize or move it.

- Lars-Erik

Visio Guy

Hi oompa_1,

Cool drawing, btw...

Are your concentric circles grouped together? If so, follow these steps:

1. Select the group
2. Go to: Format > Behavior > Placement Tab
3. Select: Placement Behavior = Do not layout and route around in the drop-down list
    Nothing will glue to your group now (!!!)
4. Sub-select the black circle (select group, then click again on black dot)
5. Go to: Format > Behavior > Placement Tab again
6. Select: Placement Behavior = Layout and route around in the drop-down list
    You've now specified that connectors should only glue to the sub-shape
7. Phew! Exhale!

Hope this works for you!

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thanks visguy, this is exactly what I was i have to figure out how to implement your connect all shapes to each other script...AND/or, how t odeal with the 60+ circle shapes that need to be edjusted as per your suggestion...any ideas?

Thanks so much!