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Data graphic, text callout, font
« on: May 15, 2014, 07:29:13 AM »
I was searching lots of forums but couldn't find the right answer for my problem. Maybe I choose wrong search methods :)
Ok, now about my drawing. I have shapes which are connected to excel cells. I use data graphic to format them and I need to change them from time to time. There is only one problem - data graphic changes the font when it is applied. I am looking for a way to disable it. I think that it is somewhere in text callout shape sheet but I am still new to all these things so I would really appreciate any help.
BTW I am working with Visio2007

Added :
And another question. Is it a way to make a group of shapes to be selected while pressing CTRL+A. Now when I press CTRL+A i got only group selected not members. Changes in behavior window doesn't solve that.
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