.vst new page does not automaticaly take background

Started by novski, May 08, 2014, 06:34:09 AM

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I have a question to the .vst and a background i have made. If i add a new page it does not automatically take my background. I have to got to the tab and right click settings to make my background appear. How can i make the Background appear automatically?


Paul Herber

Which version of Visio?
I've just tried it in Visio 2010, a Page-1 and a Background-1, if the page has the background set then inserting a new page adds the background. If the background is not set then the background is not added to the new page, i.e. it just copies what is slready there. Seems fine. How many pages does your template contain?
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Hi Paul
i use Visio 2010 Premium. I Made a Template that contains 4 different Sizes of pages A1-A4. I didn't try to add a page that already has the background because i don't really want to have a Page that i don't need but i what to have the possibility of Switching the Background if the Page gets in need of more space...
Maybe i'm going the wrong way. Is it better to copy those Layout Frames in have on every site to different Layers on the same Background or is it possible to make a Window that asks witch background the page should get?
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