automatic layout, radial, force directed etc...?

Started by oompa_l, May 12, 2008, 08:36:40 PM

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Does anybody know of any tools to generate layouts of graphs? In the form of radial arrangements? or Force Directed?

How about a way to use shape data to arrange shapes? Let's say I have a number of shapes with a field related to size and I want to position the shapes in order from smallest to largest - is there anything that will make this happen?

Visio Guy

Hi oompa_l,

The stuff you want to do can be accomplished with a bit of VBA code, but there's not a lot built-in to the product for advanced layouts like you want.

Check out John Marshall's Visio VBA Information page, and search for Polar Array. There's a code sample from me posted there!

You might also see if there are any add-ons that you can download or buy. Have a look through the Visio product offerings from some of the folks I know:

bVisual Ltd:
Sandrila Ltd:
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