2002 SP-2 printing tabloid 11"x17" drawings

Started by Grunthunter, April 09, 2014, 02:43:25 AM

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I am still using VISIO 2002 SP-2 and am having a problem printing 11"x17" drawings.  I just bought an HP 7610 for this specific purpose.  I've set the printer to 11"x17" tabloid and the page size to 11"x17" tabloid and even set the scale to fit to one page etc.  When I do a print preview everything looks perfect but when I try and print out the page it only prints 1/2 of the page.  It's in the landscape format but only prints everything on the left side of the drawing and then kicks the sheet out as if it just finished printing the whole page.  Is this an outdated driver issue or something?  I only use this for creating small fabrication sketches occasionally and really wanted to be able to create 'B' size drawings.  I hate to have to upgrade to a later version just for this but if I have to what version would I have to go to?  As I'm now retired I don't have a need for making flow charts , etc. just making sketches for building things.

Can anyone help?


Sympathetic to retirees!

Never used V2002, so, not familiar with all of the issues. 

Have you checked to make sure the installed printer driver is the latest?

Wasn't quite clear in all of your settings if you also set Visio for correct printing.  I'm sure you did, just didn't catch it in the post.  So, just to make sure:
  1.)  File > Page Setup
         a.)  Print Setup tab: 
                   I.) should have Landscape selected
                  II.) print zoom should be set at 1 to 1
         b.)  The Setup... button should be OK, but, would have settings pertinent to your printer.
         c.)  Page Size tab:  should have either:
                  I.) same as printer paper size (assume, as you say, you've set the printer to B size) or
                 II.) select Pre-defined size:  then select the desired output size.

Those are about all of the generic suggestions I can think of for the moment. 

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Yep, done all that.  I was hoping VISIO GUY would chime in with a good remedy?  If I have to upgrade I wonder how late of a version I need to go to?  I just can't justify buying the latest version.


The only other thing that comes to mind is re-installing Visio.  Perhaps there is a corrupt file or path somewhere.

As for upgrading, I'm on V2007 standard.  I'm also retired and no longer need Visio on an everyday basis.  This version meets my needs.  Plus, I can't stand the new ribbon UI.  To me, it's added steps rather than streamlining Visio, and...and...and....  I could go on.   I imagine at some point, V2007 will become unsupported, so there is that. 

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Just an idea: you could continue using V2002 and once the drawing finished, move it to a new application open source application for printing purpose only???
SVG files could be printed in Inkscape, bitmaps even with windows onboard tools.