how to get a custom shape to snap to connection points in a network rack?

Started by Visinoob, March 27, 2014, 09:43:46 PM

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I need help.  I am inserting a Cisco shape into a rack but it has no connection points on the sides that make it snap to the connection points.  I tried to make a connector tool and attach it to the shape, but no luck. I am sure this is easy to do but can't figure it out.
how do I make my own shape to connect to a network rack (x's)?
please help a noob out



On the home tab in Tools, you choose the Connection Point (SHIFT+CTRL+1), remember to show Connection Points on the View tab.
The hold CTRL and click where you would like to have the connection point.

Now you need to right click the shape and choose Show shapesheet. Here you change the TYPE / C under Connection points from 0 to e.g 2.

More info: